Dr. Leon Kelly, Coroner, El Paso County

Bill Elder, Sheriff, El Paso County

Holly Williams, El Paso County Commissioner, District 1

Carrie Geitner, El Paso County Commissioner, District 2

Stan Vanderwerf, El Paso County Commissioner, District 3

Longinos Gonzalez, El Paso County Commissioner, District 4

Cami Bremer, El Paso County Commissioner, District 5

Shane Sandridge, State Representative, House District 14

Andy Pico, State Representative, House District 16

Tim Geitner, State Representative, House District 19

Terri Carver, State Representative, House District 20

Mary Bradfield, State Representative, House District 21

Dennis Hisey, State Senator, District 2

Paul Lundeen, State Senator, District 9

Larry Liston, State Senator, District 10

Bob Gardner, State Senator, District 12

Dave Donelson, Colorado Springs Councilman

Wayne Williams, City of Colorado Springs Councilman / Former Secretary of State

John Suthers, Mayor of Colorado Springs

Sharon Thompson, City of Fountain Councilwoman

Don Wilson, Mayor of Monument

Aaron Salt, Small Business Owner

Shauna Abbots, Small Business Owner

Doug Abernethy, Architect

Kristin Abernethy, Educator

Kris Adkins, Small Business Owner

Russell, Adkins

Christina Aigner

Charles Aigner

Michael Allen, District Attorney 4th Judicial District

Jodi Amato, Colorado County Assessor

Tim Amen, Colorado County Assessor

Thomas Aragon, Colorado County Assessor

Susan Armstrong, First Responder

Michelle Asher, Small Business Owner

Brandi Axford, First Responder

Ben Ayotte

Bob Balink, Former El Paso County Clerk & Recorder / County Treasurer

Tanya Ball

Deborah Bamesberger, Colorado County Assessor

Sandra Bankes, Educator

Michael Barnes, Small Business Owner

Sue Barnes, Small Business Owner

John Bass, Former El Paso County Assessor

Brenda Behrman, Small Business Owner

Joseph Behrman, Retired First Responder

Joseph Behrman, First Responder

Haley Behrman, First Responder

Shawn Behrman, Veteran

Danielle Behrman, First Responder

Adrienne Belton

Frank Beltran, Colorado County Assessor

Jim Bensberg, Former El Paso County Commissioner

Wendy Benson, Colorado County Assessor

Jackie Bonneville, Small Business Owner

Candi Boyer

Andre Brackin, Retired County Engineer

Cynthia Braddock, Colorado County Assessor

Duncan Bremer, Former El Paso County Commissioner

Ken Brownlee, Colorado County Assessor

Kimberly Buck, Colorado County Assessor

Leslie Bugg, Colorado County Assessor

Melissa Bunt,-Stein First Responder

JoAnne Burkholder-Saunders

Kevin Butcher, Small Business Owner

Dr. Robert Bux, Former El Paso County Coroner

Sam Cameron, Small Business Owner

Patrick Carter, Small Business Owner

Alysa Casorla, Small Business Owner

Sherri Cassidy, Public Servant

Frank Celico, Colorado County Assessor

Mark Chapin, Colorado County Assessor

Patircia Cheek

Rosanna Cheek

Teresa Cheek

Sallie Clark, Former Colorado Springs Councilwoman / Former El Paso County Commissioner

Welling Clark, Retired Veteran

Laurie Clark, Colorado County Assessor

Shawn Clift

Pam Clipfel-Cornella

John Clipfel-Cornella

Tim Close, Small Business Owner

Charles Cobb, Colorado County Assessor

Renee Coker, Small Business Owner

Chad Coker, Small Business Owner

Milt Cole

Shelly Cole, First Responder

Brenda Conrad

Eva Contreras, Colorado County Assessor

John Cordasco, Small Business Owner

Karen Cullen, Small Business Owner

Linda Curtice

LIsa Czelatdko, Former City of Colorado Springs Councilwoman

Sandra Damron, Former El Paso County Treasurer

Caroline Date, Small Business Owner

Paul & Sue Date, Small Business Owner

Patrick Davis, Small Business Owner

Luke De La Parra, Colorado County Assessor

Eleanor Degolian-Kasper

George Kasper

Sandy Dejesus, Retired Veteran

Doug Diamond

James Dibiase, Small Business Owner

Ed Dills, Small Business Owner / Public Advocate

Brenda Dones, Colorado County Assessor

Craig Dossey, Public Servant

Angela Dougan, Public Advocate

Brenda Dukart

Detra Duncan

Matt Dunston, Small Business Owner

Steve Durham, State Board of Education

Russell Dykstra

Jeff Eckhart, Public Servant

Erica Edgar

Joy Elder, Retired Public Servant

Kevin Englehardt, Small Business Owners

Doug England, Colorado County Assessor

Keith Erffmeyer, Colorado County Assessor

Gary Erickson, Small Business Owners

Tamara Estes, Fountain City Councilmember

Mary Elizabeth Fabian, Small Business Owner

Casey  Fagley

Ingrid Fatianow-Hibbits

Frank Hibbits

Alan Flolo, Retired Veteran

Mark Flutcher, Reserve Deputy Sheriff, El Paso County

Vanessa Flutcher, Nurse

Amy Folsom, Public Servant

Sandi Foote, Retired Nurse

Joe Foster, Retired Veteran

Mandy Foster

Lisa Frizell, Colorado County Assessor

Demie & Donnie Fultz, Small Business Owners

Mike Garrett, Small Business Owner

Kelly Gauck

Diane Gilbert-Loschen

Tony Gioia, Real Estate Broker

Andrew Gorgey, Former Public Servant

Ryan Goydich, Small Business Owner

Ryan Graham, Real Estate Broker

Deborah Gravelle, Small Business Owner

Heidi Gravert, Small Business Owner

Larry Griese, Colorado County Assessor

Craig Griffin

Stephanie Griffin

Less Gruen, Small Business Owner

Shawn Gullixson, School District 11 School Board President

Halle Hammerstrom-Friedman, Small Business Owner

Brittany Hartman

Deb Hartman

Tracy Hartwell

Steve Hasbrouck, Retired Veteran

Paul & Darla Haynesworth

Marielle Hendry, Small Business Owner

J.D. Henrich, Colorado County Assessor

Sandy Herbison, Colorado County Assessor

Justin Hermes, Real Estate Broker / Radio Host

Bernie Herpin, Former State Senator

Ray Hicks, Retired Veteran

Jeremiah Higgins, Colorado County Assessor

Ivor Hill, Small Business Owner

Jenny Hill, Small Business Owner

Marshall Hinkle, Small Business Owner

Gregory Hock, Small Business Owner

Georgia Hock, Retired Educator

Ken Hood, Colorado County Assessor

Joshua Hosler, Former Chair, El Paso County Republican Part / Marine Combat Veteran

Kayelyn Hosler

Sandra Hostetter, Colorado County Assessor

Jeri Howells, Former El Paso County Commissioner / Former City of Fountain Mayor

Thom Howman

Janet Huffor, El Paso County Sheriff's Office / Small Business Owner

Bill Huffor, Former Deputy Sheriff, El Paso County / Small Business Owner

Lauren Hug, Small Business Owner / Author / Public Speaker

Brad Hughes, Colorado County Assessor

John Husband, Retired Episcopal Priest

Mary Husband, Retired Educator

BJ Hybl, Small Business Owner

Sarah Brittain Jack, Small Business Owner / Public Advocate

Jan Doran, Public Advocate

Chris Jenkins, Small Business Owner

Katie Jenkins, White Educator

Delroy Johnson

Ed Jones, Former El Paso County Commissioner / Former State Senator

Monica Jones, Colorado County Assessor

Brad & Katy Jonswold

PK Kaiser, Colorado County Assessor

Doug Kamery, Colorado County Assessor

Peggy Kanter, Colorado County Assessor

Stephen Karr, Small Business Owner

Sue Karr, Small Business Owner

Heather Kelly, Small Business Owner

Kim Kennedy, First Responder

Mike Kennedy

Scot Kersgaard, Colorado County Assessor

Naomi Keys, Colorado County Assessor

Steven Klaffky, Public Servant

Don Knight, Former Colorado Springs Councilman

Ted Kozidowski, Retired Veteran

Juilie Krow, Public Servant

Libby Lamb, Colorado County Assessor

Ian Lamont, Small Business Owner

Lois Landgraf, Former State Representative

Amy Lathen, Former El Paso County Commissioner

Tom Lavalley, School District 20 Board Member

Ken Lavey, Retired Public Servant

Steve Leigh, Small Business Owner

Tim Leigh, Small Business Owner

Gavin Light, Small Business Owner

Craig Lindal

Paul Linhares

Joan Lucia-Treese, Retired Veteran / Public Advocate

Larissa Lukins, First Responder

Bill Macafee, Small Business Onwer

Mike & Missy MacGuire, Small Business Owners

Donna Major, Small Business Owner

Richard Mariotti, El Paso County Surveyor

Heather Martell-Baeza

Dan Martindale, Retired Public Servant

Miguel Martinez, Colorado County Assessor

Ray Martinez, Small Business Owner

Danielle Martinez, Small Business Owner

Dan May, Former District Attorney 4th Judicial District

Leslie May

Susie Mayfield, Colorado County Assessor

Meg McCreight, First Responder

Collen McElvogue, Educator

Kristy McFarland, Colorado County Assessor

Andrea McGee, Retired Public Servant

Bruce McGrew, Small Business Owner

Juliann McPadden

Russ McPadden, Retired Veteran

Charity McPike, Public Advocate

Briand McPike, First Responder

Elisha Meadows

Loreal Medina

Peggy Michaels, Colorado County Assessor

Marci Miller

Russ Miller, Retired Veteran

Wendy Miller, Small Business Owner/Former Vice-Chair, El Paso County Republican Party

Matthew Moeller

JJ Mondragon, Colorado County Assessor

Nilaja Montgomery

Logan Montgomery, Retired Veteran

John Moor

Brenda Mosby, Colorado County Assessor

Abbey Mullis, Colorado County Assessor

Susan Murphy, Colorado County Assessor

Kenneth Musso, Colorado County Assessor

George Nehme, Small Business Owner

Rebecca Nehme, Small Business Owner

Renae Neilson, Colorado County Assessor

Meghan Newton

Michelle Newton, First Responder

Bethany Nicole-Hawkins, Retired Veteran

Dan Nordberg, Former State Representative

Brian Olson, Public Servant

Mike O'Malley, City of Colorado Springs Councilman

Dan Osinski

Andy Oyler, Real Estate Broker

“Steve is a high quality leader who’s been a part of the El Paso County Assessor’s office for over 20 years, a veteran, and active member of the community. He’s played a vital role in helping families to recover from major fires in El Paso county and has influenced new legislation to support seniors across the state of Colorado. I’ve known Steve for a while and we’ve served on boards together. He is a man of integrity, and an individual that keeps his word and wants to help people. He’s the right person to continue leading this department. I encourage you to support him in this upcoming election."

-Mike Kennedy

“Steve is a terrific public servant and deserves your support!"

-Linda Hendricks Carroll

“Steve is honest, reliable, and willing to work the long hours needed as Assessor!"


-Longinos Gonzalez, Jr.

"Since taking office Steve has advanced the technology and efficiency of the Assessor's Office tremendously."

-Peggy Littleton


“I am proud to offer my endorsement to Steve Schleiker for El Paso County Assessor. He has operated the office with integrity and truly cares about our community!"

-Darryl Glenn

“Best of the best, right here!"

-Peris Howells

“Steve has served the community of Colorado Springs faithfully for many years.  He brings to his job, his family, and his community volunteer efforts a high standard of integrity, character and hard work.  I believe Steve will continue to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to excellence and professionalism as El Paso County Assessor.”


-Brad Jonswold

“Thank you, Steve, and your staff for the outstanding work you do for the citizen's of El Paso County!"

-Joan Lucia-Treese

“Steve understands the importance of government transparency and strongly implements these practices.”


-Mark Waller

“I believe Steve Schleiker is best qualified to serve as County Assessor!"

-Stan Vanderwerf

Steve Kendra.jpg

"I'm so proud of the hard work and dedication my brother has brought to the Assessor's Office. He is truly a rock star and amazing guy. Please support him in his upcoming re-election!"

-Tanya Schleiker Ball


“Steve is an amazing Assessor has an awesome staff, and the best website in the nation. I have searched property records in other states and Steve's website is above and beyond any other website I have been on. Keep up the good work!”


-Holly Williams


“It has been a pleasure working with Steve on a local community board.  It is my observation he is a team player with exceptional collaboration skills; especially as it relates to communications.  Steve is an approachable person who is open-minded, fair and professional.  With that said I think Steve Schleiker would make a positive impact as the next El Paso County Assessor.”


-Dawn Pappas


“We are lucky to have Steve Schleiker running for El Paso County Assessor.  Steve demonstrates the highest amount of integrity of anyone I know.  His passion for doing what is right and positive can-do attitude are exactly what this County needs.  Vote for Steve Schleiker, he is for the people.”


-Johnny Walton

"Vote for Stephen Schleiker!"

-Haley Behrman

Steve Westside Neighbors.jpg

Wynne Palermo, Small Business Owner

Dawn Pappas, Small Business Owner

Ryan Parsell, Public Servant

Susan Payne, First Responder / Safe 2 Tell Director

Rich Payne, First Responder

Gianna Perry

Gary Peterson, Colorado County Assessor

Peter Peterson, Colorado County Assessor

Pam Pitrone, Retired Public Servant

Jim Reid, Retired Veteran / First Responder

Kay Rendleman, Public Advocate

Kit Roupe, Former State Representative

Joe Roybal, Bureau Chief, El Paso County Sheriff's Office

Melissa Roybal

Corbin Sakdol, Executive Director Colorado Assessors Association

Harry Salzman, Small Business Owner

Dyan Sandell, First Responder

Tim Sandell, First Responer

Perry Sanders, Small Business Owner

Anne Schafer, Colorado County Assessor

Brian Schleiker

Britanee Schleiker, First Responder

Michael Schleiker

Tabitha Schleiker, First Responder

Tyler Schleiker

Laura Schritt

Lindsey Schultz, Small Business Owner

Shannon Scott

Cassandra Sebastian, Public Advocate

Stacey Seifert, Colorado County Assessor

Diane Settle, Colorado County Assessor

Kristin Shannon, Small Business Owners

David Simmons, Colorado County Assessor

Nikki Simmons Public Servant

Melissa Simpleman

Cherish St. Denis, Public Advocate

Robert & Mary Stein, Retired Small Business Owners

Ron Stephens, Colorado County Assessor

Molly Stevens, First Responder

Tyler Stevens, First Responder

Terry Storm, Retired Small Business Owner

Gaby Suhr

Del Suhr, Retired Veteran

Stewart Suhr, Educator

Scott & Kim Sutter, Small Business Owners

Chris Sweeney, Small Business Owner

Melissa Sweeny

Cindy Taylor, Colorado County Assessor

Gayla Thompson, Colorado County Assessor

Gabriel Teth-Lester, Small Business Owner

Jerry Trent, Small Business Owner

Holly Trinidad, Small Business Owner

RD Trinidad, Small Business Owner

Shawna Uehling, Small Business Owner

Jami Unruh

Tiffiney Upchurch, Lewis-Palmer D38 School Board Member

Tim Veldheer

Lisa Voight

Guy Wagner, Colorado County Assessor

Jariah Walker, Public Servant

Mark Waller, Former El Paso County Representative / Former El Paso County Commissioner

Johnny Walton

Rosie Welmon

Harry Welmon, Retired Veteran

Lacey Welsh, Colorado County Assessor

Tom Weydert, Colorado County Assessor

Susan Wheelan, First Reponder

Jay White, Small Business Owner

Greg Wilborn

Natalie Woodruff, Colorado County Assessor

Carrie Woodson, Colorado County Assessor

Andy Wyatt, Colorado County Assessor

Jim Yellico, Colorado County Assessor

Robin Reynolds, Small Business Owner

Darryl Glenn, Former Colorado Springs Councilman / Former El Paso County Commissioner

Peggy Littleton, Former El Paso County Commissioner

William Louis, Former County Attorney

Greg Stetson

Patricia Stetson

Karri Taylor, Public Servant

John Taylor, Small Business Owner

Jerry Storm, Retired Educator

Liz Storm, Retired Educator

Angelina Mabe

Alethea Hoewisch

Alex Butrin, Public Servant

Kevin Dietz

Kevin Crites, Public Servant

Melodee Crites, Public Servant

Bev Breakstone, Former Colorado County Assessor

Daniel Fenlason, Small Business Owner

Rose Pugliese, Former Mesa County Commissioner

Chance Hill, CU Regent

Fred Little

Henry Allen, Retired Veteran / Public Advocate

Walter Gerber, Small Business Owner

Janet Sawyer, Small Business Owner

Lyman Kaiser, Former School District 11 Board Member / Retired Veteran

William Mutch, Small Business Owner

Greg Garcia. Independent Financial Advisor

"I have had the privilege to work with Steve for the past 20 years. During that time, he has always been a forward thinker, which has been such a valuable asset to El Paso County. Steve has always maintained an admirable level of dedication and respect for the citizens of El Paso County. These are just a few reasons I believe Steve is the best candidate for Clerk and Recorder."


-Bret J. Daniels-Retired facilities manager

"I can’t say enough about Stephen Schleiker. Not only is he likable, hard-working and involves himself with the community he has always presented himself as transparent, accessible, and always building relationships. No matter how small or big the event is, he always takes the time to bring humor, information and friendship to any arena. If you’re smart, you’re going to vote for this man because he’s done a great job in our city and will continue to do so."


-Charles D'Alessio

"As our Assessor, Steve Schleiker has worked tirelessly and with the utmost integrity to serve each and every citizen of El Paso County.  He is one of the true great public servants of this community and we could not ask for a more highly skilled and honorable professional to lead our Clerk and Recorder's Office into the future."

- Dr. Leon Kelly, El Paso County Coroner

I would like to strongly endorse Steve Schleiker for El Paso County Clerk & Recorder. As our current County Assessor, Steve is extremely well qualified to serve as our next Clerk & Recorder. I have had the opportunity to work with Steve over the years in his capacity as a civic leader, and I have always found him to be a man of the highest character and integrity.


He is extremely knowledgeable and professional in all his undertakings. As our County Assessor he has worked diligently to make your Assessor’s Office a model of efficiency, effectiveness, and customer service, and was awarded the 2017 Downtown Civil Servant Star Award and was also named the 2019 Assessor of the Year for the State of Colorado. He continually builds positive relationships with all of our citizens. Under Steve’s leadership, I believe that the Clerk & Recorder’s Office will continue to progress and continue to grow in manner in which we all can be proud.

- Jeff Crank